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a new approach to low-impact cardio workout

for all fitness levels

Very Adaptive to my Bodily Needs

heart health
injury prevention
joint health


Monday 11:30am-12:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am-10:30am
Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm

A cardio workout in a supportive, non-competitive environment to rejuvenate cardio health, balance your alignment, and strengthen your core.

An ideal cardiovascular workout for the baby-boomer generation!

Cardio Exercise is an important aspect in the varied mosAIc of Good Health and Well-Being

Noticed big improvements to my Body Alignment

At the end of class, I feel energized and not exhausted.

The high-intensity intervals increase your metabolic rate for the next 24 hours

Sessions focus on

  • Increasing heart rate
  • core strength
  • balance
  • posture
  • stretches
  • fascial health
  • recovery from injury and trauma

It’s cardio, but low impact that is hard to find and seems really good on my joints. In short, it helps realign the body for maximum health and efficiency of movement.

Even after 25 years of experience in the field of fitness and health, I am excited to offer this unique whole body workout to those who are looking for a guided low-impact cardiovascular exercise regime that focuses on alignment, flexibility, core strength, and greater balance contributing to injury prevention. The individual feedback occurring throughout the session brings awareness to asymmetries in the body leading to greater alignment and ease.

Inge Moorby

Instructor, Inner Motion Boulder

Take Core Awareness to the Next Level

Cardio exercise is an important aspect of a good health regimen. The surface used is a firmer version of the rebounder netting. It is perfect for the high-intensity interval section that is an integral part of the sessions, increasing heart rate and stamina.

Running, walking, and rebounding on this specialized surface increases circulation, flushes the lymphatic system, and strengthens the cell walls. The low-impact surface, which minimizes stress on pressure points, is gentle on arthritic joints, and the bouncing effect releases white blood cells from inflamed areas, resulting in increased mobility and decreased levels of pain.