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Cardio-Vascular Exercise

After a warm-up period during which individual feed-back helps in alignment and posture we start a 10 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) section. HIIT is a combination of brief, very high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by longer periods of slower movement.  A note on this portion of the protocol: for one person this level of exertion means that the intensity of, in our case,  running exceeds aerobic capacity (which means being in an anaerobic zone where you cannot push yourself any further); whereas for another person it means increasing their speed and stamina to a level that exceeds their normal.  These high intensity intervals increase your metabolic rate for the next 24 hours and switch on genes that increase the growth of mitochondria which are the power generators of the cells. It also triggers all of the other beneficial biological changes linked with physical fitness. HIIT lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease (people with heart issues should speak with their doctor before embarking on HIIT exercise) . In general it is said that it is more dangerous not to perform HIIT than to perform it. It decreases blood pressure, significantly improves blood sugar scores and lowers cholesterol levels.

Core and Muscle Strength

All muscles as well as organs, bones, veins and arteries are strengthened by the de- and acceleration of the rebounding effect on the mats. With each step, low-impact stress is exerted on all systems resulting in increased strength. The rebounding movement also releases fluid trapped interstitially. This stagnant fluid often causes stiffness, pain and disease. When released, it makes room for a more healthy oxygen exchange. A lengthy abdominal exercise session addresses the different abdominal layers while being protective of stressing the lower back. The alignment and proper support of the shoulder girdle is focused on, increasing range of motion in the shoulder cuff and strengthening the upper quatrand.

Alignment, Posture and Fuller Breaths

With each step/bounce on the pad, the foot and the whole body make micro-adjustments in response to the ever-changing surface of the pad and thereby come more into alignment. Feed-back throughout the session brings awareness to misalignments and compensations. The posture improves as the breath deepens into the diaphragm. Proper alignment of the head and shoulder blades are addressed.

Fascial Health

Focus on the fascia is the latest hot news when talking about the physical body. The fascia, or connective tissue is a fluid structure that connects every system of the body. This fluidity is retained as the different layers of fascia move against each. By varying type, rhythm and intensity of the exercise, the mobility, integrity and resilience of the fascial system is supported.