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The biggest benefit for me is the improvement to body alignment that comes from working on the mat and, uniquely, the individual feedback from the instructor. It’s cardio, but low impact which is hard to find and seems really good on my joints. In short, it helps realign the body for maximum health and efficiency of movement.

I really love this class! It results in a good cardio work-out while being low impact, which I appreciate. I enjoy how the cardio alternates with strength and flexibility exercises. I always leave an hour later feeling totally energized.

This is our second year of hiking together in Utah. This year, I am sure that my friend is a stronger and more confident hiker because of her cardio class. She did a 6 mile hike yesterday at a strong pace. Many of the fellow hikers marveled at a woman in her late 70’s being so strong and vigorous. She was running circles around those 50-year-olds.

After several hip, shoulder and arm surgeries I feel confident enough to relax my guardedness. This exercise works for me.

I love getting into the rhythm of walking when warming up, allowing my body to drop into an aligned relaxation. It teaches me to be mindful with my body.

I felt better immediately after my first class. My breathing was deeper, I felt an increased  lung capacity and more connected to my core.

The classes have been life-changing because they help me feel strong and better to stand up tall in this assaultive new America I find myself in.

I feel energized and not exhausted and at the end of the hour’s workout I am calm of spirit and the angst of the day has lessened. I feel good for the rest of the day.
I appreciate the proprioceptive feedback and grounding after the workout. It’s an intelligent, safe and unthreatening approach.

I am not able to run any more. The HIIT of this approach allows me to get my endorphin kick. I appreciate that I don’t have to invest in any equipment. I enjoy the welcoming friendly feel of the class in which I can push my body in a healthy and  supervised environment.

My favorite part is the 5 minute relaxation at the end, it integrates and solidifies the work I have done during the hour.  Feeling my body seals the deal for me.    

I love this class. It is challenging and fun, and I leave energized and uplifted. I am an avid hiker and Core Power Plus is a great addition to my routine. Thank you, Inge

I am limited in how I can exercise and find  CoreCardioPlus very adaptable to my bodily needs.

I value the experience of the instructor who understands the mechanics of the body and can pin point particular patterns that contribute to my pain. It is an individualized program within a group setting.